Situation And Solution


Entrepreneur is one who manages,organizes and presumes the risks of a business or enterprise. Rather working as an employee an entrepreneur runs a small business where he overcomes and assumes all the profit and loss of the company.
To become an entrepreneur a person should be compatible and capable enough to handle the business with his marketing skills in todays world..
This event specially focuses on how a person can accomplish the task and get succeeded by giving the unique solution to come out of a situation or a problem..
It helps in making the person understand the circumstances and ability to overcome with a proper solution which in turn makes them a magnate.

  • Students should form groups with maximum of 3 members

  • Few situations and problems affecting or arising in the business world will be given

  • Each team should pick up a question from the given and should come up with a unique and optimized solution which when implemented gives profit.

  • "Show your Skills"